Apilus Electrolysis



Wave goodbye to unwanted hair for good with Apilus electrolysis.

If you want a permanent hair removal solution, Apilus is the number one choice. Apilus is one of the only electrolysis brands guaranteeing gentle 100% hair removal.

Electrolysis was first used as a means of hair removal in 1875, and today remains the only 100% hair removal method recognised by regulatory agencies. It works by permanently destroying germ cells within the hair follicle which are responsible for hair growth. To achieve this, a fine probe is inserted into a hair follicle, and an electric current is applied to destroy the germ cell using heat energy.

So What Makes Apilus Different To Other Electrolysis Brands?

The state-of-the-art Apilus hair removal machine limits the level of destruction within the hair follicle, ensuring only the germ cell is targeted. This helps to protect the skin while preventing new hair growth. What’s more, the electric current is adjusted to each hair type and treatment area to deliver more effective results and a more comfortable treatment.

Aplius is suitable for all hair types and most of areas of the body can be treated including the face, abdomen, thighs, breast, legs and bikini areas.

Apilus electrolysis is proven as one of the most effective and comfortable permanent hair removal methods available.

Electrolysis FAQ's

What is electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a method of permanently removing individual hairs from the face or body. Electrolysis destroys the growth centre (germ cell) of the hair with heat energy using an electric current. Electrolysis is the only 100% effective method of permanent hair removal for all skin and hair types.


Does electrolysis hurt?

We use the Apilus 3g Senior which effectively targets hairs for destruction while offering comfort the likes of which have yet to be seen in permanent hair removal.


Are skin reactions common with electrolysis?

The treated area may be slightly red directly after treatment, but this should go down within a few hours. Many people find the redness lessens with each treatment.

Like with many of our treatments, our therapists will give you aftercare advice following treatment, and it’s important to follow this to see the best results.


How long does a treatment take?

This depends on many factors such as the size of the area to be treated, hair type, location and the density of hair growth. Sessions can vary from 10 minutes to two hours.

How many treatments will I need?

Each case is different; it depends on the hair growth, the area being treated and the density of the hair, so it's impossible to answer this question. Please note this treatment requires a commitment - it is not a one-off treatment.

I have reappearing hair….does it really work?

Yes, it does! But there’s no denying it is a treatment you need to commit to for full effect.

It is common during electrolysis treatments for clients to give up after a few months because they see hairs still coming through and feel it cannot be working, however, that’s not the case.

Each square inch of skin contains several hundred hair follicles, and only a number of these follicles are in an active hair growth cycle at any given time. When you come for electrolysis treatment, we can only target the hair follicles in active growth. The hair follicles not targeted can grow at any time depending on the hair growth cycle, and are the cause of the apparent re-growth.

Just think about those few chin hairs you pluck pretty much daily - the hairs you plucked out yesterday haven’t grown back overnight, even if it might seem like it. You have around 30 or more hairs taking turns to grow, causing you to need to pluck daily.

The good news is that each area of the body has a set amount of hair follicles, and once most or all of the active hair follicles are successfully treated by electrolysis the excess hair problem is eliminated. This leaves you to enjoy a life free from unwanted hair!