Ladies Waxing

Bare Waxing is a home based salon and is one of the few salons in Doncaster to specialise in waxing for both men and women including male and female intimate waxing. From bushy brows to furry toes and literally everything in between.

Using only the finest Perron Rigot waxes including the highly sought after new generation non strip wax and finshing each treatment with soothing oils, cooling and moistursing milks and gels helps you to stay smoother for longer.

The combination of high quality waxes along with expert knowledge ensures efficient waxing treatments with minimal discomfort. 

Standard Bikini Line

Basically anything outside of your knicker line gets the heave ho!! Great for first time waxers or if you're a bit of a wimp haha. 

G-String Bikini Wax

A bit further in and a bit further round! In other words anything that would stray outside your g-string.


Now you're getting brave! Think Mohican for your nether regions. Hair is removed from the pubic mound, labia, perineum and anus leaving only a neat 'landing strip'. The strip can be as thick or thin as you decide, 


God knows what kind of bikinis they wear in Hollywood because this wax removes ALL hair from the pubic mound, labia, perineum and anus.

Las Vegas

A bit of bling on your thing (as seen on TOWIE) Your choice of bikini wax with added sparkle. I have standard pre designed 'Vajazzles' or if you want to get creative I can do bespoke designs. Proving popular for wedding nights, honeymoons and valentines day! 


Please be aware, this is a professional waxing service with no added extras. Due to the nature of this treatment, the therapists safety must be taken into consideration. If at any point during your wax inappropriate comments/actions are made your treatment will end immediately and you will be asked to leave.